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Information about the personal data administrator:

This website is managed by Trapper Hunting Ltd., VAT 203712147, with head and registered office: Bulgaria, Pomorie, 8200, 144 "Knyaz Boris I"  str., e-mail:

How do we collect personal data?

The personal data we collect and keep are provided by you and with your consent when you register at our website. 

Reasons and purposes we use your personal data for

We process your personal data in order to perform our contractual and pre-contractual obligations to you. 

Processing purposes:

  • establishing your identity;
  • management and execution of your order and performance of the concluded agreement;
  • preparation of an offer for concluding agreement;
  • preparation and sending of a bill/invoice for the services you use with us;
  • to provide the necessary complete servicing and collection of the amounts due for the used services; 
  • Keeping the correspondence connected to orders, processing requests, reporting problems, etc. 
  • notification about everything connected to the services you use with us;
  • preparation of a user’s account and analysis of the customer’s history;
  • detection and/or prevention of any illegal actions or activities opposing our conditions for the respective services; 

Data we process for that reason:
Under the agreement we have concluded with you, we process information about the type and contents of the contractual relations, as well as any other information connected to the contractual relation, including:
  • personal contact details – contact address, e-mail, telephone number, sex, age group;
  • identification data – full name, sex, age, permanent address, company data;
  • data about the orders made through the user’s account;
  • e-mail, letters, information about your request to remove any problems, claims, petitions, grievances;
  • other feedback we receive from you;
  • information about a credit or debit card, number of the bank account or any other bank or payment information connected to the performed payments;
   other information like:
  • customer’s number, code, or other identifier created for identification;
  • IP address when visiting our webpage;
  • demographic data
  • data about the profile in the social networks 
  • information about website user’s activities 

We share the personal data with third parties

We share your personal data to third parties, as our main purpose is to offer quality, fast, and complex servicing. This is also the reason to share your data with couriers delivering the goods, with banks who deal with the payment, or with any others connected to the performance of the agreement. We do not share your personal data with third parties before we make sure that all the technical and organizational measures for protecting this data have been taken, as we try to perform strict control for the execution of this purpose.

How do we protect your personal data?

In order to provide adequate protection of the company’s and the customers’ data, we apply all the necessary organizational and technical measures specified by the Personal Data Protection Act.

If you have any other questions connected to our personal data protection policy, please, contact the Chameleon Hunting team at